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Three clubs and a putter competition

I've had a great three days of golf. I finished reading The Game Before the Game on Friday morning and so headed off to Sandford Springs to do some practice. I spent 1 hour hitting 40 balls doing some of the drills outlined in the book. Before I hit about 100 balls in that kind of time frame - but in 40 balls and these few drills I learned so much about what I had been doing wrong. I'll go through the details of the drills and what I have figured out after a few more sessions down the range this week, but as I said in the previous blog post I can't recommend the book enough. After hitting some balls on the range I also went to the practice green and did Par 18. This is where you play 9 holes on the green, each hole starting from the fringe. The idea is for each hole to be a chip and a putt and for you to complete it in 18 strokes. I managed 21 which for the first attempt this year is pretty good. I managed 18 once last year!

Today was the first competitive round of golf this year. It was a friendly competition at Theale Golf Club where each person could take 3 clubs and a putter for the entire round. Yesterday I was playing around with Matt and Jason but decided to take just the three clubs I was intending to use today so I could get a bit of practice and make sure I was happy with the clubs I had picked. My selection was:

1, Driver

2, 7 Iron

3, 50 degree wedge

4, Putter

I went with the 50 degree wedge rather than my pitching wedge because it has less bounce and therefore easier to open up and try to hit a flop type shot. The round yesterday was great fun and apart from a couple of double bogies I was happy with how I played. Here are my stats from Saturdays round:

Fairways : 69%

Greens in Reg : 22%

Putts : 28

Score : 84

I was really happy with my all round game, and really looking forward to Sunday's competition.

Woke up this morning to find Jack Frost had visited during the night. The ground was frozen solid and the grass had lots of ice on it. Still I played well again today. Driving wasn't as good as yesterday though it didn't put me in too much trouble. What kept my score around the same was my putting. The greens were rock hard meaning all approaches and short shots were a lottery, but with ice on the grass I just couldn't bring myself to hit the putts hard enough and left a number of them agonisingly 1 or 2 inches away. Here are the stats:

Fairways : 38%

Greens in Reg : 28%

Putts : 33

Score : 83

So my score was one better. It's easy to say my putting let me down today, but with frozen greens it was harder to get chips and pitches within 1 putt distance so I'm not overly annoyed. Overall I really enjoyed today and think playing around with just 3 clubs is something I'll do again this year for practice as it does require you to play different shots you wouldn't usually do (eg Driver off the deck on par 5's! :-) ). I finished 4th in the competition which earned me my entrance fee back and a little extra so that's not bad for a days work.


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